Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, its December again. I can't say I like it much though. For everyone, their BiRTHDAY MONTH means a lot to them. For me, I just don't like it. Why? Because iT'S DECEMBER for God's sake! Everyone is on vacation, everyone isn't around, everyone is busy, everyone is leaving here and there. There's no one to celebrate my birthday nor for me to celebrate with! I have NEVER celebrated my birthday with a group of friends like what I normally see in college, in TV, in outings. I never got that because everyone would be away. Growing up, its always been me and my parents. Last year, it was me, 3 ex-high school friends and my ex. But last year's birthday celebration was also the very main reason why we broke up. So, yeah...I was supposed to enjoy it and for a brief moment I did until he destroyed it, no thank you to Kenneth Foo. My birthday but there was restriction to no photos, no videos, blah blah blah...oh ya, no pressie from HiM too! Nothing to remember it by...

I've always celebrated friend's birthday and get them presents for their big day. And I wish someone would do the same for my birthday but the usual would be, I wait and wait and December 23rd pass JUST LiKE THAT...Remember how people alway says that YOU DO NOT WISH OR ASK BACK FOR PRESENT when YOU GiVE. Haha, letme tell you is a WHOLE BUNCH of CRAP. Everyone expect to get something back when they give. I thought this year I would be spending my B'day and X'mas with YOU but I guess we didn't last that long. We planned it out but here we are...back to nothing. I really thought this YEAR I would get to go through my special day with YOU but you've found someone else and I am still left here hanging...R.I.P : APRiL - JUNE 2010

X'mas...what is fun about X'mas when you are too broke to even feel the spirit of X'mas. Too broke mentally and financially. There is no X'mas fun in it. All I WANT this X'mas is YOU (if you are out there)


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