Monday, May 2, 2011

Gaga In Question Again...

Here's a piece of news we all already know :) Lady Gaga is believed to be an illuminati conspirator/satanist/the devil's bride (I wonder how many he has) I am on the fence here and I don't wanna jump into any conclusions but here are my thoughts on the recent happenings.

I never really realized that Gaga's songs has hidden meanings up till Alejandro and trust me when I say the song has a very creepy beat and melody. At the beginning of the music video, one of the soldiers carried a head dress and it's in the shape of the sign of Baphomet. It looks like a star in a circle with the goat headed demon's face on the center. On to the lyrics, Alejandro means GOD, Fernando means JESUS and Roberto means HOLY SPiRiT so what exactly was she trying to say? Try singing the chorus out loud and you will understand what I mean. Remember back in Bad Romance, Gaga crept out from a coffin which has a red cross but below the cross, it says "monster"? Hmm...and she swallowed the rosary, wore a robe with an upside down cross. Was there a hidden meaning of she surrendering herself to You-Know-Who when she let the men strip her off her robe in Alejandro's MV?

Born This Way, I don't know if there's any conspiracy but I am okay with it at the moment. I look at it as in more of a gay anthem. The new single, Judas. Now, that is one hell of a creepy song! Again, what is she trying to say by singing that she's in love with Judas although she knows Judas has sinned. She sings that she's in love with Judas, that Jesus is her virtue but Judas is the demon she clings to. She's a holy fool and Judas is oh so cruel. Gaga is believed to be playing the role of Mary Magdelene in the MV. Now...isn't that the woman who wash Jesus' feet? Is Gaga going to wash Judas' feet because in the first verse she already mentioned she will wash his (Judas) feet if he needs. Or she repenting? Because she said, "in the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wrench, vomits her mind".
This image is freaky and it creeps the hell out of me.
Gaga as Mary Magdelene?

So, Illuminati Conspiracy/Satanist/Devil's Bride, your call. I am on the fence. Is Gaga's music the devil's message when it is played backwards? I don't know. Maybe you should try it?


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