Monday, May 2, 2011


Sweet dream are made of this, who am I to disagree?

In love with the soundtrack from Sucker Punch but the movie seriously sucked. The soundtrack sang by Emily Brownings who played BabyDoll is enigmatic and haunting. The movie? Forgettable.

BabyDoll was sent to an institution for the mentally ill by her step-father after her mother's passing. There, she was told that she needs 5 items to escape and from the center itself, she gathered her troops of Spice Girls. They even have ET names. Blondie (she's not even blonde), Sweet Pea (her name may be sweet but she sure hell is bitter), Rocket (I like her! A spunk of energy) and Amber (she's okay larh). See, aren't they the new Spice Girls?

Now that she got her dolls, they need to gather 5 items. First is a map, then a key, fire, a knife and the fifth item is unknown. Though most was reluctant except for Rocket, they eventually agreed on the plan of escape. Each of them did their task while BabyDoll dance for the gentlemen. You don't actually get to see her dance cuz all she does is swing her shoulders left and right and you are taken into a different world where they are...fighting for survival. Well, the plan worked but everyone died except Sweet Pea. There were news that the creator is looking into making the movie into an anime series. I think that would fit better.


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