Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Relatives & Me

Got myself a new haircut today and posted on my Facebook status saying I got a new haircut. Guess what happened? I was feeling very happy, giggling and smiling throughout the day. Out with Benny & KitZai, in Gurney. Then the GOOD mood of the WHOLE DAY was spoiled by a comment by my cousin that I ''love'' so much. What was the reply? Judging me and acted as if I spent few hundreds for my haircut. The haircut cost me RM20. It is my first and I DESERVE it! All these while, my Lambert's hairdo has been for RM6 - RM14. Now, I am taking a step further cuz I wanted a different look. Can you people just leave me alone? I am an adult now! 21 years old, born 1989! I am no longer 15. I know I screwed up my life when I was 15, dropping out of school. But you people still can't get that off your mind, can you? Its been 6years and you people still think I will repeat history. I dropped out of high school but I fought my way to SPM and I am now in college doing my Diploma. Its my 2nd Year now. Can you people buzz off from my life? You are my cousins, my relatives. Have a little support, not condemn me as the boy who dropped out, as the boy who spends his parents' money only. You people like to ask if I got help my mom pay house rent. Do you know how I am living my life? I do help out whenever I can. DO NOT JUDGE ME! I paid my college fees with my PTPTN and the remains, I use for myself and for the rental. TRY living my LiFE for a day! You people will never understand till you have try my life. I normally see you people once a year during CNY and what you all like to ask??? ''Got take care of mommy or not?'', ''Got overspend or not?'', ''Don't simply buy things.'' ''You can't afford to shop, don't shop.''

Mother is mine, you think I don't know how to take care? Don't you people get TiRED of asking the same question again and again? I am happy to have my friends around me. They support me and they make me laugh. Relatives? Make me disappointed only.



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