Saturday, December 25, 2010


Everyone has relatives whether you like it or not. Sometimes you love them but most of the time, you really hate them because all they do is butt in.

My relatives are...well, uneducated and really really conservative. I am 21 years old for God's sake and you guys still have that mindset that I am the 15 year old teen who dropout from high school. I thought I needed to grow up but you guys REALLY need to GROW UP! What is wrong with you people? Don't you have a life? Why want to keep ruining my life. Very fun is it?

Let me clear this, I shop. Yes, who doesn't? Just because I am not AS RiCH as you all are, then I am not allowed to shop is it? I buy 1 piece of shirt and you all acted like hell break loose and come say I don't take care of my mom. Mother is mine, I know how to take care. Is it a sin for me to occasionally spend on myself? If its a sin then you all already booked a place in hell. CONFiRM! You all may be RiCH in CASH but I am RiCH in PERSONALiTY! You all are empty in that department. You all are like empty souls playing Celebrity Game and I'm the Celebrity that you all take pleasure on gossiping. I get a haircut and you all go frantic because its a RM20 haircut. So, being average or poor does not permit me to be stylish? EXCUSE me because I am WAY more stylish than any of you combined. I am ashamed to have you all as my relatives because I get no moral support from you all. Just lots of slandering, backstabbing and gossiping. Maybe you all forgot that I'm all grown up and I've grown to be a bitchy person. Do not make me confront any of you. I would leave you speechless. If you are brave enough, come say it right into my face. Not behind my back passing the words around.

Got problem with me clubbing? DON'T TELL ME you all never been to clubs??? Ya, right! I club, so what? I do EVERY 3-4months! I am your cousin, nephew but not your child. Do not control me. I go with friends, we share the bill. Its like a normal lunch bill. What's your problem?

Oh ya, little cousins of mine. You also playing role as reporter? Sorry, not enough knowledge and education level yet. Continue your studies in High School first. Then if you can make it to college level only come judge me and report to your parents about what I'm doing. English so damn pathetic and yet wanna talk to me? Go get a life. Go study and go for tuition. Thats what you all do anyways, on a daily basis. I NEVER needed tuition and my English is WAY WAY better compare to any of you combined!

12-15yrs old already so nosy. What? Too much influence from TVB drama is it? Effect of media!

You think I'm a failure? That I am Project Failure? Well, letme tell you this. I am Project Runway. I will run what I am doing in the future. I am what the industry needs! I am doing well in what I am pursuing. Given any of my subjects, NONE of you would understand. Its Christmas and you all need to destroy my Christmas, huh? Its also my Birthday week and you all damn good lar!

Oh ya, my Facebook is mine. Read MiNE! If you can't understand, please go refer to a dictionary. Oxford Dictionary may be too deep for you all. Try Kamus Dewan. Unless you all wanna support me in what I do which is my STUDiES, otherwise please stay out of my life.


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