Monday, May 2, 2011

Asgard Has Arrived...

Hot daddy on the loose! In the form of THOR, the Norse myth's God Of Thunder. Known as Odin's favorite, Thor was always envied by Loki who is the God of Mischief. In the Marvel comic adaptation, Thor was sent to Earth after his arrogance got the best of him; leaving Asgard weak and defenseless as Odin is growing old and weak. Loki seize the opportunity and played a few trick of his own. As usual, the antics of a non-Earth residence who drop on Earth like a meteor proves to be funny. Imagine someone from Asgard, a Norseman on Earth. Enough said xD And so, his search for acceptance back into Asgard continues. Without Mjolnir (his hammer) and no godly strength, Thor has to rely on Jane (Nat. Portman) to get back his rightful place.

Thor is one of the best superhero to have come out in the past years. Best part of the movie is that Chris Hemworth did not know who Thor was up until the shooting for the movie began. He didn't know that Thor was one of the Marvel heroes. Why is that good? Because he does not have knowledge of Thor and who he is and therefore, he does not have his own opinion on this superhero that he is playing which leaves more room for creativity and a more natural persona.Chris is sure one hell of a hot daddy! Hehe...drool worthy, I'd shoot him down with a taser gun anyday, anytime.

Highly recommend the movie :) I'd watch it again and again and again. Remember to stay and watch till end of the credits as there is a little snippet of what to expect in The Avengers and Thor 2. Scripts and pre-production for Thor 2 has already begin.


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Gaga In Question Again...

Here's a piece of news we all already know :) Lady Gaga is believed to be an illuminati conspirator/satanist/the devil's bride (I wonder how many he has) I am on the fence here and I don't wanna jump into any conclusions but here are my thoughts on the recent happenings.

I never really realized that Gaga's songs has hidden meanings up till Alejandro and trust me when I say the song has a very creepy beat and melody. At the beginning of the music video, one of the soldiers carried a head dress and it's in the shape of the sign of Baphomet. It looks like a star in a circle with the goat headed demon's face on the center. On to the lyrics, Alejandro means GOD, Fernando means JESUS and Roberto means HOLY SPiRiT so what exactly was she trying to say? Try singing the chorus out loud and you will understand what I mean. Remember back in Bad Romance, Gaga crept out from a coffin which has a red cross but below the cross, it says "monster"? Hmm...and she swallowed the rosary, wore a robe with an upside down cross. Was there a hidden meaning of she surrendering herself to You-Know-Who when she let the men strip her off her robe in Alejandro's MV?

Born This Way, I don't know if there's any conspiracy but I am okay with it at the moment. I look at it as in more of a gay anthem. The new single, Judas. Now, that is one hell of a creepy song! Again, what is she trying to say by singing that she's in love with Judas although she knows Judas has sinned. She sings that she's in love with Judas, that Jesus is her virtue but Judas is the demon she clings to. She's a holy fool and Judas is oh so cruel. Gaga is believed to be playing the role of Mary Magdelene in the MV. Now...isn't that the woman who wash Jesus' feet? Is Gaga going to wash Judas' feet because in the first verse she already mentioned she will wash his (Judas) feet if he needs. Or she repenting? Because she said, "in the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wrench, vomits her mind".
This image is freaky and it creeps the hell out of me.
Gaga as Mary Magdelene?

So, Illuminati Conspiracy/Satanist/Devil's Bride, your call. I am on the fence. Is Gaga's music the devil's message when it is played backwards? I don't know. Maybe you should try it?

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Sweet dream are made of this, who am I to disagree?

In love with the soundtrack from Sucker Punch but the movie seriously sucked. The soundtrack sang by Emily Brownings who played BabyDoll is enigmatic and haunting. The movie? Forgettable.

BabyDoll was sent to an institution for the mentally ill by her step-father after her mother's passing. There, she was told that she needs 5 items to escape and from the center itself, she gathered her troops of Spice Girls. They even have ET names. Blondie (she's not even blonde), Sweet Pea (her name may be sweet but she sure hell is bitter), Rocket (I like her! A spunk of energy) and Amber (she's okay larh). See, aren't they the new Spice Girls?

Now that she got her dolls, they need to gather 5 items. First is a map, then a key, fire, a knife and the fifth item is unknown. Though most was reluctant except for Rocket, they eventually agreed on the plan of escape. Each of them did their task while BabyDoll dance for the gentlemen. You don't actually get to see her dance cuz all she does is swing her shoulders left and right and you are taken into a different world where they are...fighting for survival. Well, the plan worked but everyone died except Sweet Pea. There were news that the creator is looking into making the movie into an anime series. I think that would fit better.

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The story of Little Red Riding Hood comes alive but she is not so little anymore. Scrap off that "little" and she is just Red Riding Hood.

Played by Amanda Seyfried, it seems Valerie (that's Red Riding Hood's name. She doesn't go by RRH, you know) is all sexed up with boobs, ass and hormones. From the beginning we could tell that she is one horny bitch and putting Seyfried in that character just made it a little bit playboy-ish. It goes that the 700 year old legend is being interpreted and the wolf has strike again. Only in the movie, it's not a wolf :) it's a...WEREWOLF! (That's the trend these days. Maidens want to be captured by vampires and werewolves) Grandmother still lives outside of town, all secluded. Now, if you are a good grandma, why would you live so far away and risk your granddaughter walking a certain distance just to deliver you some food? Don't you know a werewolf is on the loose?

One thing though, the audience would never had seen it coming in terms of who is the werewolf. Valerie also had a sister but she was killed off in the beginning by the werewolf (hopefully it's not Jacob although the movie started with a very Twilight feel-theme) Valerie can be seen in almost every scene with either the lumberjack, Peter or Henry, the blacksmith. Peter would push her off on the bed of leaves and she would breathe and pant heavily. If she had her way, she would had raped Peter. This Red Riding Hood, one hell of a lustful one.

Bear in mind when you watch this movie, forget everything you know bout the story of Little Red Riding Hood. THAT story is only inserted during the last half hour of the show. Other than that, it's Twilight-ish.

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Guess WHO?!

It's been nearly A MONTH since I last updated this good 'ol blog of mine! Can you believe that?! I used to put up a new post every single day. Guess I got too busy and too tired. Well, I'm back once more. Bitter-er and bitchier than ever.

So much has happened within 1 month and it felt like I've been back from KL for such a long time but it's only been 1 month. How time pass so slowly. The tik and the tok did not go that fast for me. New semester, new lecturers, stronger friendships (some) and new friendnemies. semester, the semester for final project. Headache but let's not talk about that first. Gotta update bloggy :)

xoxo - Jo$eph

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


One word for this coming semester, TiRiNG. Can I just pause LiFE for a moment and rest? I can't handle so many things. I can't juggle so many things. Studies, assignments, tests, projects, exams then final project and to top it off, work.

Let's see, this semester I've got 6 essays with a minimum of 1, 500 words. A research paper of minimum 5,000 words, an advertising campaign, minor PR assignments, a PR final project that has to be big and grand, international politics paper, tutorial activities involving political stuffs and work...

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To School

Year 2 Semester 2. A semester away from final year, final semester. Just few semester to brace through before graduation. Here we go again. Doing what we do best, study, assignments, projects and exams.

I see familiar faces and places but I do not recognize them. I see juniors I know and used to chat with but I don't know how or what to talk to them. We are seniors now. It feels powerful but at the same time, I feel awkward to be in this position. A position where people seem to expect the best from you. There's a certain pressure to do well. A certain pressure to excel above others.

I always tell myself to study after each class, do a mini-revision. It never worked because I never did do it. I end up playing around, hanging out but I still manage to do well in my exams. Luck? Born smart? I'd say a little of both but mostly, my own way of studying. So what subjects this semester?

Advanced Writing Skills
PR: Management & Practice
Advertising: Copywriting & Media Planning
Introduction to International Polictics
Mass Media Law & Policy In Malaysia

A total of 5 subjects this semester. Would love to take up Feature Writing and Electronic News but it's not being offered this semester. Well, at least I got time to get a job to save my sorry arse.

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