Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was very very excited about this movie when I first saw the trailer. My friends & I, we had originally planned to watch DRAG ME TO HELL but it was fully booked so we watched BLOOD first. 5 of us went to watch. Robert, George, Lawrance, Sean & Me!

The beginning of the movie was good. The movie is set in 1970, Tokyo. It tells the story of Saya. A youthful looking 400 years old halfing. It was told that she was born to a vampire father and a human mother. Her father was slain by Onigen, the oldest and vilest vampire/demon ever. She was left with Kato, her father most loyal keeper. Kato taught Saya how to fight and later on pass her the sword which her father used to slain demons back when he was still living. Kato however, died protecting Saya from the demonic world that she's not prepared for yet...

There's also a human girl named Alice who sort of 'assist' Saya in her battle against the demons and Onigen. During the final battle between Saya and Onigen, Saya was clouded with the memories of her loved ones. Onigen tried to play mind games with Saya. Alice saved Saya by stabbing Onigen in her gut. Yeah, Onigen's a she!

This part (the final battle) is the cheesiest part yet. Suddenly Onigen has this dialogue of, "It is I who gave you strength, it is I who gave you your powers, my girl" What the hell??? It turns out, Saya's father is the human and her mother's the vampire. Her mother is Onigen! Then Onigen said "Kill me, my girl and become me. It is your duty. You are to become me..." SWT! Anyways, Onigen died but the so called final battle was brief. Really brief. Maybe 'cause our Malaysian censor board is an ass so they probably cut off lots of goury scenes.

Overall, the movie is acceptable. The beginning was great, the ending was too fast. It felt like they want the movie to end fast. The movie didn't even last for 2 hours. Only 1 hour 35 minutes.

Oh, the movie is also a mix of Matrix & Star Wars...
Why did I say so? 'Cause there was like tons of freezing moments during the battle which is sooo Matrix-like (I hate the Matrix Neology). Star Wars 'cause the part where Onigen says "my girl..." thats like Star Wars' "Luke, I am your father..."

Gosh! Give me any movie, I can turn it into comedy...


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