Friday, June 5, 2009


Crap! Something happened last night! Introduction to that characters first:-

1. Robert
2. George
3. Lawrance
4. Me

Here's the thing. I got to know Robert first, then he introduce me to George whom later introduce me to Lawrance. We go out almost every night for drinks and movies. Recently, I've been going out with Lawrance more. He's like one of my best friends now. When we go out, he will come and fetch me. When George found out, he says he has never go out in Lawrance's car before. So, he wants Lawrance to fetch him. He drove to Lawrance's place and wait for Lawrance-OMG! what's the big deal...both of them drive the same car!

Then Lawrance told him that his car can fit 1 person only and since he & I made a pact to go out for dinner already, so he can't pick them up. 'Cause his car has got lots of office documents and clients' products in it so the back seat is full. So, they felt a lil bit uneasy and end up with Robert throwing a tantrum...

Robert and George decided to have dinner near Lawrance's place and ask Lawrance to meet them there to settle Robert's 'tantrum'...apparently, Robert's unhappy and dissapointed because neither me nor Lawrance ask him out...swt! We didn't know he's in Penang, we both thought that he's in SP or somewhere 'cause usually I would see him online in MSN if he's around. Headache! Then when Lawrance arrived at their meeting place, George told him and I quote "Robert is angry & dissapointed, you can already. Go fetch your Joseph". SWT! So Lawrance was furious and left the scene. He came to pick me and told me how he felt. George was being a little disrespectful...

While driving, George called Lawrance, which I picked up 'cause he was driving. I put it on speaker mode and still Lawrance refuse to talk to him. Anyways, I managed to convince Lawrance to meet up with both of them at Metro Food Court and talk this thing over otherwise its going to be a big deal...

So, we went to Metro Food Court and Robert and George was there along with 2 other friends of theirs. Hello??? 2 other stranger...isn't it inconvinient to talk about the issue? Well, Robert just brush it off when I asked why he was throwing a "Princess' Tantrum" earlier. George told me that after he received my sms apologizing for not asking him out, he's alright already. Double SWT!

Still, things didn't go smoothly between George & Lawrance. They're not really on talking terms now. ALAMAK! Hopefully as time pass, things will cool down. Now, everytime I talk to George about it, he just say "Whatever"...that spells "merajuk". Lawrance is alright now, he just wants an explaination why George talk to him in that manner...

Only time will tell...

All 3 were throwing tantrum...I'm gonna throw tantrum also then...hmph!


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