Monday, June 22, 2009

DRAG ME TO HELL - 21st JUNE 2009

One words for this movie. GREAT! Okay...I'm talkative so I'm just gonna have more words for this movie.

The movie started off great! It tells the history of the Lamia curse. It had previously claimed a boy's soul in 1970. Fast forward to the present day, we have Christine Brown, a loan officer who's eyeing the position of Assistant Manager. Because of that, she decided to be strict and rejected the appeal of an old woman. A disgustingly old woman. The old lady begged her but to no avail so the old hag decides to curse Christine with the Lamia curse and mentioned "soon, it will be you who comes begging to me..." (my favourite line from the movie). Anyway, Christine got cursed. Strange things began to happen. The Lamia demon taunt her and made her restless. Later on, a Seer told Christine that there's a Medium who might be able to help her. The Medium turns out to be the one from the starting of the movie. She has waited to seek revenge on the Lamia demon for taking the boy's soul. She hatched a plan of summoning the Lamia demon into her body and then transfer it into a goat and have it slaughtered. The plan failed but there was a scene with a talking goat (more like cussing goat) when the Lamia's spirit was transfer into the goat. The Medium then chased the Lamia demon away but she died after that. The Seer later on told Christine that another way is to give the cursed item (which is her jacket's button) as a gift to someone else meaning the cursed item will then be passed on to a new owner and he/she will be drag to hell. Christine decided to give it back to the old hag, Mrs. Ganush who's now dead. Christine went all Tomb Raider on Mrs. Ganush's grave and shove the button into her mouth. The next day, thinking she's now free of the curse, Christine decides to go to Santa Barbara with her boyfriend. Bought a new jacket for the trip. Later on, her boyfriend took out an envelope from his pocket and told her that she left something in his car (she misplaced her button's envelope with her boyfriend's envelope with a coin inside-he collects coins). Christine was shocked and terrified. She fell on the railway ground and the ground cracked open and she was drag to hell~THE END...

Love the ending! Everything was calm and serene, making the audience think its a happy ending. Then...BAM! she gets drag to hell in the end. The lesson here is never mess with a gypsy.

But one damn annoying thing about movies that involves demons and mythical creatures is that they always get the fact wrong!!!

The Lamia demon is not a Goat demon! It's supposed to be a demonic spirit in a form of a woman. Sometimes appear in the form of half woman, half serpent...

These people better come find me if they wanna know bout all these demonic and mythical creatures..."soon it will be them who comes begging to me..."


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