Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3rd DAY in College!

Class started today at 8am beginning with Computer Software Application class till 10am. Suprisingly, the moment I sat down...I knew just what to do with the DOS. Miracle! Oh, and I made another new friend! Let's college buddies are Nehemiah, Annie, Chen Yee, Adeline and Hanzel. Hopefully there's more to come.

We had Moral Education class from 10am till 12pm. Moral was alright, the lecturer is a total clown with a banana split hairstyle. He asked us to choose how we want the class to go. Breaks in between or no breaks so class finish in 1hr and 15min. Majority chose no breaks. That's better cuz then we can share notes with the remaining time. He even told us how to not get in trouble if we don't answer our phone during class. He said just shout lecturer coming. SWT! I got Nehemiah to call my phone and I let my ringtone rang. Then I shut it. Our lecturer, Eric asked why didn't I picked up. I told him the easiest excuse is..."NO LINE"-simple as that

Wow, Annie seriously looks like one of my BFFs, Chyi Xin. Identical!

No class on Thursday so the next post about my life in college will be on Friday! See ya!

Now, its back to my normal posts...


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