Monday, July 6, 2009

5th DAY in College!

This is the day! The day we GO GREEN! Nehemiah, Annie, Jing Yee, Adeline, Pei Fei & Myself, we went GREEN by going to class today in green top! We were the Eco Friendly Smarty Pants Gang! LOL! The best part? My tee says 'STOP GLOBAL WARMING! We Need The Ice For The Party'!

And what a coincidence, our class today for Moral subject touches on Global Warming...I was soooo tempted to go up to the stage and show my tee's tagline! But I didn't-SWT! The were others dress in green too but we were soooo obvious thanks to our Green Queen, Annie Wong Thim Mei! (it was her idea to go green today)

Oh ya, during our IT class, EVERYONE was facebooking rather than concentrating on the class. Poor Bryan(our lecturer). I admit, I was one of those people too, haha-but I concentrate on the subject too. I'm good at multi-tasking. And yeah, I'm still the same old King of Lame Jokes!

Hmm...wonder what to wear for tomorrow? We should set a SuperHero day! We can all go to class in Super Heroes' t-shirt! Wahahaha-College is sooooo fun with these nutcases! (Annie, Nehemiah & the rest)


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