Monday, July 13, 2009

SATURDAY 11th JULY 2009-12pm till 3pm

Went to Times Square for a competition. Eating Competition to be precise! Makan apa? Makan sushi dari Sakae Sushi. Turns out need to compete in groups. I initially grouped with Annie but we were told the group have to be gays or lesbians. Meaning guy+guy / girl+girl. Doesn't matter, she aeroplaned me just before the competition start. Luckily I got a partner after kena aeroplaned. My new partner was 'Shorty' from my class or better known as Kit.

Guess what??? Annie changed her mind and partner with some stranger. Anyways, she went up first. She won the challenge for her round-for girls. Then I went up with Shorty. We won too. Woohoo!!! But the prizes are REAL CHEAP! The only thing valueable was the Galaxie Magazine subscription and thats only for 3 months. ZzZ...

Then we went round and round Times Square though there was nothing to see. Most of the crowd went to watch the Street Dance Competition. Oh! before that, I had lunch with Sue, a good friend of mine whom I have not met for months.
Everyone was concentrating and cheering at the Street Dance Competition but my eyes were glued on a particular Clothing Store. It was HEAVEN! CLOTHES! but too bad no $$-LOL! I am sooooo gonna come back when I have the $$. Halfway, NO-already broke right now. Bought a pair of really nice red sandals. Cost me only RM10 thanks to the Galaxie's Youth Carnival Event.

I watched the Street Dance Competition for awhile then decided to go home. "I'm going home, to the place where I belong..." LOL!-part of it was because I have dinner plans with my BFFs, Amanda, Jin Hoon & Su May.


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