Thursday, December 3, 2009


What a damn bloody bitchy cibai doctor! Gary and I took CK to the Government Hospital because he's down with a fever. When it came to his turn, that bloody bitch said "Next time if want to get MC, go to the clinics in the morning. Fever is not emergency case" What the hell? She's a doctor and doctors are supposed to tend to their patients no matter what illness. Fever is not serious huh? H1N1 is not serious then? As if the reason he went there is to get MC. CK didn't even ask for a MC until she mention it. What a bitch! Obviously she failed Moral in school and in college level. Curse you, you bloody bitchy doctor. Too bad I don't know your name! Otherwise, I'd curse you with voodoo magic! I don't know why I froze and didn't scold her. Maybe I was afraid that she'd poison CK. BiTCH!

Joseph - I'm BiTCHiER THAN YOU,BiTCH! 


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