Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rise to the New Moon!

I had to watch New Moon because I need to write a review about it. Actual plan was to go alone but Soo Lyn decided to join. Here are my thoughts about New Moon.

In Twilight, its about a girl meeting a boy who turns out to be a vampire and the vampire saved her. Took her to prom and it ended there.

New Moon focus more on the minor characters back in Twilight, Jacob Black and Alice Cullen both came into their own story in New Moon. Jacob found out that he's from a tribe of werewolves called the Quiletes and Alice's ability to foresee the future plays a vital key in bringing Bella and Edward together. New Moon also introduces the Volturis with Jane being the one most feared as she can cause pain merely by willing it. It was also revealed by Alice that Bella will be turn into a vampire by Alice herself. New Moon is like Romeo & Juliet in a dark, twisted and vampiric way.

Guess Eclipse will be more action packed and Breaking Dawn would centre on Bella's becoming into a vampire.

I enjoyed the movie overall...

Joseph - MOONiNG...


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