Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Which Team Are You???

Are You Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Edward
If you believe in love at first sight and seeing that mysterious man in the corner, then you should be in Team Edward. Or basically if you like your man cold, dead, sparkling and emo.

Here are the advantages:
 - he’s immortal meaning you don’t have to worry about him leaving you first.
 - he’ll scare off mosquitoes because he’s the bigger blood sucker.
 - he’s a vampire who relies on animal blood rather than human blood to survive.

And these are the disadvantages:
 - he’s immortal. You’ll die but he lives forever…
 - he’s cold so you can’t really tell his emotions.
 - he sparkles under the sun so he might outshine you sometimes.
 - he’s got other vampire that’s on the hunt for you just because you are precious to him.
 - you have family members like Jazper who thirsts for your blood.

 Team Jacob
If you believe that you can develop a deep friendship and then all of a sudden fall in love later on, join Team Jacob please. If you like your man burning hot, hairy, alive and not 109 years old.

Here are the advantages:
 - he can turn into a werewolf and be your pet. He’s soft to lay on too.
 - he shows more emotion than a certain vampire.
 - you could bleed for all you want and you won’t end up as his meal.

 And the disadvantages are:
 - he’s hot tempered. He might lose himself when he go all werewolf.
 - wolves walk in packs meaning he’s got someone at the top of the pack that he has to follow.
 - he smells like wet dog right after shower
 - he’s noisy at night with all the howling especially during full moon
 - he might not be around that much considering night time is his friend


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