Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is sooo random, I just thought of it outta nowhere...

Broadcasting - for someone who enjoys all those editing stuffs. Not to forget shooting etc. Also if you don't mind staying up late, graveyard shifts and all. You have to be creative. Broadcasting is not about being famous and all those glitzy stuffs. You have to do backstage work before you become a star in your own right.

Journalism - for people who enjoys writing. bad, we're in the new millennium now. Thats means no more writing, its typing instead. Able to appreciate writings. Needs good vocab skills too. Gotta be up to-date with current news no matter which part of the news that you're interested in. For whoever's taking Journalism, you have to find your own way of writting, your own method, your own style which will make you recognizable. When readers read your work, they'd know its from you.

Public Relations & Advertising - for people who enjoys organizing events, functions, conference. PR is divided into many types including corporate functions. People in PR get to experience organizing press conference for artistes, concerts, charity events and many more. It also requires creativity and also good persuasion and communication skills. Definitely not for a LOOSE CANNON or spoiled brats. Not for short-tempered people too. Oh ya, not for emo-ers.

Mass Communication basically requires you to be creative and find your niche for everything you do. Be yourself, have your own style and be your own brand!


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