Saturday, April 10, 2010


First week of college was fun, well sort off but mostly tiring because of Mass Comm Society meeting, Teen Frequency meeting, representing BOTH Mass Comm Society and English Society for a meeting with Head of Admin, running around college sorting tutorial for classes at the same time help friends do it also then there's guitar class. I like joining all these clubs but at the same time I'm missing out on the fun too. Missed hanging out with coursemates.

Graphic Design is fun. Chun Woei is a very cool and sporting lecturer. Basic News Writing & Reporting Skills is a okay subject but thanks to the lecturer. He's damn damn boring. He told us he's prejudicial, dismissive and has a bad temper. WTH? Thats not a good thing when you're a lecturer. I can't help but to laugh at him due to his sense of fashion. 1 word, DiSASTER! Then there's PhotoJournalism's Mr. Ronzi. Poor fella, he's cute becuz he struggles to teach us by using english. And he needs to rephrase it into english by thinking in malay first, poor fella. He don't seem to have enough confident in his english but he don't look like one who has temper. Sociology should be fun what with Ms. Ooi as the lecturer for lecture class and Mr. Aaron for tutorials. Introduction to Mass Communication should be okay to with Ms. Ng, yay! Oh ya! Spoken English II is fun! Ms. Amy Loh is sweeet!

Joseph - Okayy lor...


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