Monday, April 5, 2010

Should I Change My Name from Joseph to Atlas?

Atlas - The Greek God of Heavy Burdens
He was punished by Zeus to forever carry the heavens on his shoulder due to his alliance with the Titans. The Titans raged a war against the Gods of Olympus. Atlas sided with them and when the Titans lost, Atlas was punished to forever carry Olympus on his shoulders.

And now I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Just a figure of speech la...
I wish people would just stop saying that they see potential in me. Its always "I see something in you, I know you can do this. I see potential in you". Ya, its nice to hear and its flattering but as time goes by, I end up getting this post, that post, this responsibility, that responsibility...I just wanna be 21 years old. Ya, extra curiculars are important but my studies are more important. I'm not praising myself but why is it whatever club or society that I join, people want to vote me into all these high-ranking positions? Sometimes I just want to be ordinary...I'm not extraordinary...



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