Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today, we had our first Basic News Writing & Reporting Skills lecture class. We got a new lecturer named Mr. Chan Siang Yen. He is the strangest man in this world. He's got his hair comb back and it looks like he used a whole tube of gel. Then his pants is all the way up to his waist. And when he speaks, he uses big words and sorta like look down on us saying some of us might not understand and have poor English command.

He himself told us that he is prejudicial, dismissive and bad tempered. So, what do we expect from him? Fear? Prejudicial, does that means he has stereotyped us? YES, he has. He told us that when I asked him. Stereotyping people, well...I stereotyped him too. He is the Ah Beng with high waisted pants that came back from England. He said he is making the class boring and not entertaining although he is trying. Trust me, it is boring. He said he can't do entertainment and fashion news, well...I CAN. Haha...I love ENTERTAiNMENT & FASHiON!

Joseph - Oh My GOD!


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