Monday, April 5, 2010

New Beginnings = End of Me

Suddenly, Marion Ravens comes to mind...anyways...

Its the new semester, 6subjects...seeing faces that I can't stand. Of course there's always my bitches with me whom I adore! Today is only the first day, no class also but the moment I reached home, after shower and all...poom! I fell on the bed and slept through the afternoon. Damn tiring all cuz of the meetings and running around college to do this and that. Teen Frequency meeting, Societies' meeting with admin and such...

But managed to see familiar faces and unfamiliar faces. New faces, old faces...annoying CHiBAii face. Oh ya, bumped into Victor and chat for quite some time. Haha...then there's Suet Ling, Siew Hui, Li Wen, Eleen, Cynthia and the rest of my new bitches, hehe...AND! CHOO SUET LING is out of my list! Grr~!!!


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