Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breaking Solo

Who's breaking it solo? Cheryl Cole, that's who. She's still in Girls Aloud, don't worry but don't you think so that when people mentioned Girls Aloud, we'd normally go like, Girls WHO? Mention Cheryl Cole, people start talking about "Oh, that song! Fight For This Love". Looks like she made the right choice by going solo and by leaving ex-hubby Ashley Cole as well. Her songs in the album 3 Words are like a healing method for her during her on-going drama with useless her husband.
Anyways, she first appeared solo in of Black Eyed Pea fame in his single Heart-breaker. Now she's got her own single called Fight For This Love. She's even released a music video for Parachute and 3 Words. Her dance moves aren't awesome or mind-blowing but its very addictive and fun to dance along. Hey, I myself am addicted to Fight For This Love and Parachute's dance moves. The thing is, people don't give Cheryl Cole enough credits! Its hard breaking into the US market especially if you're from the Brit. She should be in the US market. Malaysia radios should play more of her songs. Come on...She's been performing in the UK and Danish's X-Factor. As well as the Brits Award. She's been touring but around London, thats all...and from my observation, I've noticed that Cheryl Cole particularly likes high-slit dress or pants. Every performance that she's had, she'd wear these dress or pants that slit open from the sides all the way up to her waist...


Joseph - Love Her!


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