Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lady Gaga

Quote from Gaga when asked who/what's her inspiration:
"Lady Gaga - God & Gays"

The infamous name. The name Gaga has actually became a brand. Fashion and music are now becoming more Gaga-like. Everyone is trying to do what Gaga did. Create a whole new generation of music. Gaga make outrageous performances looked effortless. The audience can accept Gaga's antics. And now, other artistes are trying to follow her footstep. There's Kylie Minogue who tried to follow Gaga's outrageous clothing sense, Rihanna who tried to imitate Gaga's style (well, it kinda worked for her but my god! enough with the whole 'Chris Brown beat me up so I'm gonna do an anti-boy record' alraedy!). Who else, hmm...there's also Miss Christina Aguilera. When Gaga first came out to the scene, she was compared to few big names in the industry. She was said to be the combination of Gwen Stefani and Chrstina Aguilera. Check out a cover page on one of Malaysia's local entertainment magazine and you will see Christina Aguilera with a very significant Gaga pose. There's also rumors going around that Lady Gaga is a Satanist and that her poses and all her gestures refers to the art of praying to the devil. There's even a video made up by fan or should I say anti-fan who linked Gaga with the Satanist Cult. Give her a break. Enough with breaking her self-esteem. First there's her being hermaphrodite, then her being a drag queen, used to be a male and all those shit. She gives you good music, isn't that enough?
And now, Gaga has actually said she wants to go for cosmetic surgery or plastic as we know it. She wants to get a nose job, thigh job, boob job and jobs all over to make herself more feminine. She feel that she's very manly-looking. Gosh! You people! She gave you Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Love Game, Eh Eh(Nothing Else I Can Say), Bad Romance, Alejandro, Dance In The Dark, Telephone and many more. Listen to both her album and you know there's no stopping this talented lady. Deny it as much as they want but these anti-Gaga people still listens to Lady Gaga...

Joseph - Gaga-ing...


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