Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rapid Hitz On Wheels

This is the Rapid Hitz On Wheels. Its a collaboration between Rapid Penang and I'm sure you guys have heard of before. Come on! Its the #1 English Radio Station for 13 consecutive years! What we do in this one of a kind bus is that we entertain you! There's PS3 and the whole bus is Wi-Fied. YES! You can Facebook all you want in the bus! In fact, I'm blogging while I'm in the bus! I've got my crazy colleageus! The erm...whack case, Ken who's tagline is 'FASTER LA' and there's Reena, the girl who gets bullied by Ken.
Basically what we do is we pick up people from bus stops and we provide them with free-ride anywhere they wanna go as long as we pass the destination. While in the bus, theres the PS3 thats bound to keep you entertain. Hello??? Its Wi-Fied, online la, what else! We'll also be playing games with the listeners. There's loads of freebies to give away. Exclusive t-shirts, Lois merchandise, Mountain Dew-Time to do the Dew and the Unlimited Rapid Preferred Unlimited Travel Pass!
Our location?
Tues - Thurs: 4pm-10pm We'll be at town area!
Fridays: 6pm-12am Batu Feringghi all the way up to Hard Rock Hotel!
Saturdays: 6pm-12am Auto City, Juru!
Sundays: 11am-8pm Queensbay Mall!
If you spot a different looking bus, stop us! We'll be inside and you will definitely go back with something!

Jo - Only on Hitz...!


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