Monday, May 24, 2010

KL - The Real Concrete Jungle

KL is the equivalent of New York is Penang is London. Anyways, Penang is nowhere near London. I was in KL for 3days. The moment I reach there, I was amazed by the architecture but was soon left with a frown due to the traffic. No doubt, the traffic there is a pain in the ass but KL is sure damn fun to be at. Maybe its just me but I like KL. Funny how things are. Penangnites want to go over to KL but KL people wants to come Penang.

The views from the place I stayed while in KL

Being a shopaholic myself, KL is just nice. My goD, the malls there! I went to KLCC, Lot10, Sungei Wang, Pavilion, Times Square and Chinatown (not a mall, obviously). Spend alot on LRT and Monorail actually but its fun to travel via all these. It made me feel so independent considering its my first time travelling out of Penang all by myself. I went on to the bus by myself, asked for directions, felt like a true tourist. My favourite mall? Times Square! There's accesorries everywhere! I can find my wristbands (Bibi calls it Lilikokok, aduh...) like everywhere! Don't even get me started on rings and necklaces. Shoes!!! Clothes!!! Holy Heaven of Shopaholics! I managed to get 2 wristbands. One is a 2strap buckled while the other is a 3strap buckled. Bibi took the 2strap, haha...I didn't get the chance to snap any photos of my adventure because I was too busy shopping, be it window or real shopping. Next time! I'll take pictures.

Here's a funny experience to share:
I saw this fake Billabong bagpack and vendor tried to tell me its original. I went up to the vendor and asked the price. At Chinatown, this bag was priced at RM239. I asked in English, the vendor, thinking I'm a tourist and wanting to cheat me told me RM239 at a discounted rate. I replied in Mandarin, he said for locals, special price at RM160. I change to Cantonese, he said: ok fine, tell me your budget, I'll give it to you for that price. I told him my budget is RM60. He said, RM60? OK!.

Times Square:-
The bag that I've been looking for everywhere! I called it the Masked Rider bag because it has the shape of a bug's stomach. Couldn't find it in Penang. I asked in English, 'How much is this bag?'. Vendor replied RM150. In Mandarin, the vendor said I'll give you a discount. How about RM100? In Cantonese, the vendor said its priced for RM80.

HAHAHA! Its really funny and by the way, I bought nothing. I didn't buy either of the bags. What a joke! Damn, these 2vendors must've hate me. Anyways, I really like the Lilikokok that I got.


YauChuang said...

Nonono... You're wrong... London & New York is truely different with Kuala Lumpur. What's so special about Kuala Lumpur is with it's amazing amount of trees in the city. Unlike New York & London, amount of trees is very less especially in downtown area.
I love Penang because Penang got the feel of historical area just like London.

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