Friday, June 11, 2010


The much awaited music video by Lady Gaga is finally out. Her MV for Alejandro takes on the feel of gothic, dark and basically everything dark. Alot of people said they preferred her Telephone MV but there's no point comparing both because both are different song with different theme. To me, the Alejandro MV may be a little bit quirky and 100% outrageous but its Lady Gaga and her creativity just blows your mind.
This music video sees a mix of leather, funeral, cold-blooded heart which Gaga held at the beginning of the MV, alot of sexual tension and sexual energy, elements of SM were throw in as well. The weirdest would probably be the male dancers on heels. Then there's Gaga's bra which are attached with 2 rifles. Amazing? Weird? Crazy? Up to you to decide. To me, brilliant. She may not be a dancer but her dance steps are pretty catchy. She even dressed up like a nun and swallowed the whole rosary. Looks like Gaga is trying to make her MV into a mini-story what with the music video consuming over 8minutes. Wonder which song she will release next and another music video to be excited about!

Joseph - En Su Bulsillo!


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