Thursday, June 10, 2010

Once Upon A FUGLY...

There is this fugly by the name of Chan Siang Yen. Incase you guys don't know what fugly means, its FUCKiNG UGLY. And this fugly happens to be my lecturer for Basic News Reporting & Writing Skills. On his first day, he told us that he has a temper and he has already stereotyped us. Isn't that fabulous to hear on your first class? Yeah...

The way he teach, nobody understands. He just go on and on and nobody listens although he say others do listen. Its not that we don't like him but its the way he portrayed himself to us. He don't seem to care about anything but himself. That I don't care but DON'T YOU DARE CALL US STUPiD! Do you know the definition of STUPiD? If you don't, please go to Google or Wikipedia and search for it. My parents has never called me stupid. Who are you to call me/us stupid? Maybe you're the bird brain yourself. You wanna show me your temper? Guess what? I have a BiGGER TEMPER than you! Nobody has seen my temper and what I showed you today is just a teaser to my temper! You don't know me! I am a MULTi-TASKER. I can do my own stuffs while listening to you blahblahblah. I have multi-task for my entire life. Don't try to tell me what I should do. You tried to laugh but you don't even know how to laugh, please...go back and learn how to laugh. Why not try and search for 'How To Laugh'. It starts with you opening your mouth, let the air goes in and let out audio from your throat. Simple. Who's STUPiD? Don't even know how to laugh, poor thing. And when you really laugh, nobody laugh with you.

You told me to get out of the class? My only answer to you is "MY PLEASURE!". I was already wanting to get the hell out of your class but tried to bare with it until you call us STUPiD. Others may not dare to answer you back but not me. I don't think its smart for me to do so but I just have to stand up to what I believe. I made a mistake by saying 1 word but actually its 2 words. Thats FUCK YOU. You're the STUPiD. When I scold you the F word, you replied by saying "Go Ahead". BODOH~

Joseph - Who's The IDiOT?


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