Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I realized nowadays, lecturers at college level likes to call their student stupid. Don't know whats wrong with these people. There's a reason why we enter college, why our parents send us to college. To gain knowledge, not to be called stupid. We made it to college level and obviously its not by pure stupidity. As for those who likes to threaten their students by telling that they have a temper, who doesn't have a temper? I've got explosive temper if you step on my tail. Your job as an educator, to teach and pass on your knowledge, not to patronize us and call us stupid. Using the sentence 'brain power low' is also the same. If you don't have the patience to educate, then don't. I'm not saying we are right. Yes, we are noisy, we are cheeky etc. We're teenagers, thats who we are. You just have to deal with it. I don't care how you have been affected previously, whether you almost wanted to resign, thats your problem just like when you say whether we can or cannot do our assignment is not your problem, that your job is to come lecturer and get paid. I ave never met these kind of lecturers. My lecturers from the 1st Semester were the best. Thank God still get to see them and Ms. Ooi is forever nice. These are lecturers that we look up to, Aaron, Ms. Ng, Kelsen, Chun Woei, Ms. Ooi. For those lecturers who thinks their students are stupid etc, if we are stupid now, you were once stupid too. These people are not worth me RESPECTiNG. And by the way, I'm talking about 2 lecturers here incase you're wondering. Don't bother straining your mind.

If only Mr. Aaron is still teaching Basic News Reporting & Writing Skills, it'd be fun...


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