Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm back, BOOM BOOM Chambre! YES, muahahahaha! Seriously, I haven't had so much fun since April. It all started with classmates' plan to go SiXTY9iNE Mansion By The Beach but it was cancelled. Since I'm feeling the party mood, I decide to ask around. Hansel tak jadi la because whenever Lee Wen don't want to go with us to this or that place, he also don't want. Frust wit these two. Anyways, while working I decided to ask Kenrick, my colleague if he wants to go out tonight. Knowing him, he will want to go out. Where to go? I suggested BOOM BOOM! It has stand-up comedy and by the looks of it, Ken likes comedy. Why not? We drag Reena, Sandy and Daryl together. I've got other friends who were supposed to join but in the end, aeroplane. Anyways, I bump into Kyle over at FAME, wished him a Happy Birthday (I didn't know!), tell me earlier la, buddy! Then I went over to OneClub where I met Ashley & Stephanie.

We had fun at BOOM BOOM! Freda was the bomb! Then the dance and the music, hehe...and Daryl...LOL! Oh, oh! I finally know the name of the dancer that I've been eye-ing on over at BOOM BOOM, hehe. And boy, Slippery Senorita has got a pretty good band! Back to BOOM BOOM, feels like home. I seriously LOVE BOOM BOOM! And there's a Talent Search today at 10,30pm! I wish I can go...

Joseph - Home Sweet Home, BOOM BOOM Chambre!


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