Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School!

Cool! Back to college! Fun!
Went at 9am to get Timetable, get my Academic Advisor Ms.Ng Su Wah to sign my Course registration Form. She's pretty! Pan Asian look! And she's nice!

Wander around, help out my classmates with checking of their Academic Advisor's name and their grouping. I wore my Superman shirt today and I was a Superman indeed today...haha

My darlin' Kia took the juniors for the Campus Tour with Sher Lyn. We played a joke on him. I called him Darlin, Vion called him Dear, Winnie called him Jie Mei(sister), Nehe called him Sayang. Wahahaha, bet no one from the August intake will have a crush on him now. Wakakaka...

Fun day!

You know you love me...
xoxo - Gossip Boy


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