Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Human Communication Presentation...

This is my presentation:

PS: Don't mind the intro 'cause everyone was talking

Shut up everyone and listen to me. My name is Joseph, how old am I? (Annie answered 20 - Hansel said old). As long as I look young can already. I like entertainment, anything about entertainment. Movies and musics though I don't play any instrument. I'm currently in love with Lenka's debut album(One of my friends said "in love with Kia" - Hansel said BoysBoysBoys 'cause of my Lady GaGa's ringtone) I sang BoysBoysBoys.

The reason I chose Mass Communication is simple, I'm an Entertainment Junkie. I started out with my mind set on majoring in Broadcasting but now I'm heading towards Journalism. Not because of Kia! (Gary, Annie & Vion said "we didn't say also...") I choose Journalism because I would like to work in a magazine someday. An entertainment magazine. Local ones preferabally such as Galaxie or Hot magazine (Gary said CLEO) Not CLEO, Woman's Weekly or Seventeen (Gary said "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful CoverGirl!) Yeah, CoverGirl, covers up the man in you...

The last movie I watched was The Proposal. It was an entertaining movie. Though Sandra Bullock looked super super old than back in Miss Congeniality and Ryan Reynold's acting skills is way better than when he did Van Wilder. Thats all from me!

You know you love me...
xoxo - Gossip Boy


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