Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello Again!

Wow! It's been a long time since I updated my goes

Let's see...

College life so far sooooo good...
Finishing the first semester. Gonna miss IT class (great lecturer, Bryan), gonna miss Moral class too (Kia-haha)

Still friends with my friends but recently the pack grew. LOL!
I now have Kia, Annie, Nehemiah, Pei Fei, Ning Yi, Adeline, Winnie, Gary, Jenson, Vion, Ren Jie, Kenny, Jason, Ah Miao, Vicky and few others. Those whom I've missed out, sorry.

I love my college life. Here are more details about the gang:

Kia - The Flirt / My Darling
Annie - The Cuckoo
Nehemiah - The Random Kisser
Pei Fei - The Innocent One
Ning Yi - The Quiet but Not So Innocent One
Adeline - The One with
GREAT Gladiator Sandals
Winnie - The Gorgeous One
Gary - The Info Counter
Jenson - The Tech Guy
Vion - The Lansi One (sometimes sweet lar...)
Ren Jie - The Active One
Kenny - The DiDi
Ah Miao - The Emo
Vicky - The Shorty
Jason - The Newbie
Haha...its really fun in college! I wish there's class every single day!


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