Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today's class began at 8am and ended at 12pm. Today's our last IT class. Definitely gonna miss our cool, sporting lecturer Mr. Bryan Soh. Thanks Sir for having the patience to deal with us!

Moral was as usual...boring! Though it was boring, I got my darling, Kia to entertain me! After Moral class, Winnie asked us to join her for lunch. Let's see if I remember all who joined for lunch.

We lunched at Sakae Sushi at Gurney Plaza. Me, Kia (my darling!), Winnie, Helen, Ren Jie, Kenny, Leaf & another guy (sorry, I forgot your name). We had fun there. Joke around, same stuffs. Kia 'dumped' us at 1.30pm 'cause his already have plans with his friends. Sher Lyn and the gang. Our seniors. After lunch, we went round Gurney Plaza and 'visit' Kia at the Pool Area...

Overall, great day! I thought I would feel awkward after Kia 'dump' us but looks like its ok. I can get along with the others. Haha, they're mandarin speaking but ok la so far. Good people to hang with. Thanks Kia for giving me a ride!


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