Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to College!

Jan11! That was the date where college re-open. Went bout 8.45am cuz the briefing was at 9.30am. Hang and chat with my friends for awhile in canteen. At the same time, we check our timetable and subjects that we are taking for this short semester. Turns out I only have to take the ultimately boring Malaysian Studies. B-O-R-i-N-G! I was kinda excited to take Marketing but later found out during briefing that the time clashes with Malaysian Studies. What a bummer!

With that in mind, me and my gang-LOL! went to the School of Business and see our 'favorite' lecturer Mr. Chin who's the head of the business school to ask if its possible to change the time. That fella as usual proove to be no use. Funny thing was, the lecturer teaching Marketing was just beside us and he ask us to attend the class and see if other students agree to change the time or not. Went home feeling sleepy...

Joseph - YET TO FiNiSH...


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