Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Me + U = Relationship a.k.a Committment

Loving someone is easy, staying faithful is easy but maintaning the relationship is not easy. Like one of my close friend's post, I myself wonder how is it that married couples can stay married for so long. I'm sure there are quarrels and bickering. How is it they still love eachother despite all the flaws. Young loves like us teenagers are fragile. We quarrel abit, we think of breaking up. We find certain flaws in eachother, we start to think of breaking up. Why not we try and change ourself for the better? Not change yourself completely but if the change is for a better future, why not? Everyone looks for their dream man/dream girl. Well, here's a reality check...Dream Man/Dream Girl don't fall from heaven. Every boy and girl has to work hard to achieve the status of dream man/dream girl. Its not easy.

Its those little things that make us go all "awwww..." Its takes 2 to tango meaning both parties have to put effort in the relationship. It can't just be one person doing all the talking, smsing, caring and loving while the other is busy doing his/her own stuff. No matter how busy you are, once you've committed yourself in a relationship, its your part to put some effort into it. Seriously, if you don't get to see eachother, sms plays a vital part in improving a relationship. How hard can it be to sms?

Smses from eachother may seem unimportant but when you get sms from your loved one, it brightens up your whole day. Yeah, cliche but its TRUE. Haven't you wished that each time your phone rings that its your loved one's sms or phone call? I know you have...

Maybe I'm childish when it comes to love but this is just my opinion. Its not about "Oh, you're not what I thought you would be so let's break it off". Everyone learns and change for the better as they grow. If only one person is doing all the work, that person will grow tired eventually while the other will just fall out of love...Take this into consideration...

"Young love, full of hope and fantasy. Ignorant of the reality" - I do not agree with this quote because no matter how young a love may be, its not of fantasy. YES! It's full of hope. Who doesn't put hopes in a relationship? Everybody hope that the person that they are with is the person that they will eventually spend the rest of their life with. The reality is we gotta work for love. Love will find its way to you but its up to you to maintain it.

Joseph - I LOVE YOU!


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