Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What The F***?!

What happened? I bumped into a peeping Tom in Gurney's toilet. Yeah! Of all people, ME! I was doing my own little business in the cubicle when suddenly I see this knuckle on the floor. I didn't pay any attention cuz I thought he was looking for something. Then few seconds later, I saw two knuckles on the floor and I saw his head's shadow approaching, so I got myself equipped with the pipe and my hands ready to turn on the water pressure. The moment I see his head trying to peep, thats it! I flush the hell out of him! Asshole!

If you're gay, go find someone to fuck. There's plenty of gays in Gurney and QueensBay. No need to peep in toilet!

Joseph - I Feel ViOLATED


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