Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sounds so exciting, so ghastly, so ghostly and all but turns out its so damn freaking boring and tiring just to watch the entire movie. Throughout the movie, you see the couple going through 21 sleepless nights. And the wife is possessed, she vibrates at the edge of the bed looking at her husband. Then on the 21st night, she kill her husband, throw her husband to the cam-coder and she mauled the cam-coder. THE END!

Very nice right? Very exciting, very scary! Definitely "recommend" it to EVERYONE! This is what happen when demons are too shy. You don't even get to see the demon's face not like in Drag Me To Hell. Then the footprints are so obvious that its a Lamia, a demon in the form of an overgrown goat. Zzz...the whole time watching the movie, my mind was on shopping.

Joseph - Going PARANORMAL Myself!


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