Thursday, January 28, 2010

You're Superficial, I'm a Misfit...

First of all, before anyone misunderstand this post...I'm not directing this post particularly to anybody. Its just something that I have in my mind.

Been listening to Amy Studt's Misfit recently and been paying alot of attention to the lyrics. Seriously, people can be so fake at times. so so superficial. I just don't get it. Whats wrong with being yourself? You don't have to suit another person to be likeable. I'm not like that so I think that makes me a misfit? To all the people who are real to yourself and others, CHEERS to the MiSFiTS!

To the rest, stop being superficial. Its only plastic and plastic melts. You may cover up your flaws with foundation and make ups but it will eventually crack. Be an individualist not a follower.

Joseph - I Don't Know...Just Feel Like POSTiNG This UP


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