Thursday, January 28, 2010

Legion = Lame

After shopping with Joanne and Natasha, I went to watch Legion with my friends. Man, got a call from the every gay Dwayne to go Batu Feringghi night market but his call came in too late, bought the tickets already!
Anyways...this is my opinion about Legion...
(Read on for pure entertainment purposes - TRUST ME! You'll enjoy my post more than the movie)

Its true what people said about Legion. It SUCKS BiG TiME! Not only is it a waste of money and time, its a disgrace to the Bible. Turns out Angels can bleed, did you know that? And their wings are not in white, they're in black! Oooo...Angels or Fallen Angels? Apparently, Angels can possess people too, just like Demons. Just because God lost faith in humanity doesn't mean Angels get to go on a killing spree. I forgot to mention, the Angels' wings are like blades, they can cut through body you know? And isn't God supposed to be everything loving and caring? But he decide to send Angels down to kill humans by chopping them, bitting them into half and the worse having someone killed and filled the corpse with acid inside and luring people to think that that person is still alive and burst the corpse with acid splattered everywhere! God have MERCY?

Oh ya! God (in Legion) apparently loves to kill old ladies and children. He send his first 'messenger' in the form of an old lady with walking stick. She's Gladys and she eats raw meat infested with flies. GREAT! She then bites people's neck into half and jump around ceilings. God forced the people to shoot innocent citizens who were 'possessed' by Angels. Then there's the 2 main Angels in the movie. Michael and Gabriel. Aren't all Angels supposed to be good? Turns out Michael is good, Gabriel hungers to please the Lord himself. At the beginning of the movie, Michael even cut off his wings. What an idiot, if I've got wings, I'd keep them forever. Wait a minute...the Angels that was instilled in our mind was of heavenly being clad in white robes with white wings but in Legion, they are in heavy steel suit with black razor blade wings. Oh, they are armed with swords, mace, daggers etc. What? People versus Angels? Not to forget 'THE PROPHECY"...

When 'the child' is born, humanity will have a chance again...BULLSHiT! There are babies born into the world every minute, why this child? Speechless! Then a pregnant woman can run around with guns and ammos? She can even get dragged by Angel Zombies (thats what I call them) and survive the pregnancy? Once she delivered, she can still run around like a skinny bitch...she could even scale mountains to reach to the top and have the least scratches of the whole bunch. She carried her child and stood on top of a dusty mountain, all this right after she had her baby? not to forget to survived a car accident where the car turtled over and she was hodling her child?! Moms are strong but not that strong...then there's the guy whom Michael entrusted with 'scripture tattoos'. I was expecting him to grow white wings but no wings came out. LAME! What was the 'scripture tattoos' for then? Free Tattoo?

I could go on forever about the movie but lets just end it here...

Joseph - I WANT WiNGS!


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