Thursday, September 10, 2009

The BITCHY side of me!

The troublemaker SuErn unblocked me on MSN few nights ago. The moment she came online she ask me some stuffs and tried to create more drama. Our conversation went like this:

SuErn: Why you angry at me?

Joseph: Because you told Helen that there's rumors saying she's got 5 boyfriends, this and that and then u said I was the cuprit

SuErn: I didn't tell Helen that.

Joseph: You wanna come college, you come and study. If you're not interested in studying, PI BELAH!

SuErn: Ok, if you don't believe me, one day you will cry. You will regret having friends like them.

Joseph: Yaya, I 'trust' you. When you said you were dropping out, we were all damn happy. Now you're back, we're soooooo disturbed...

SuErn: Okok, thank you for being a friend

Joseph: I'm not your friend and I'll never be

Joseph - OUT!


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