Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Newsletter team???

Huh??? Mr Aaron, our lecturer for Human Communication stopped me after class today. He asked me about my planned major. I plan to take up Journalism if everything goes well. He ask if there's anybody else in our class who plans to do Journalism. He just wanted to be sure cuz previously when he asked us in class, I was the only the one who wanted to pursue a career in Journalism.

He asked if I would like to join the Newsletter team which he's in charge of. To get an early head start. Guess it's aite. Haha. He asked me to leave my contact so he can pass it to the Newsletter's editor. LOL! Editor is Kia. Well, before he told me that, I ask "It's Kia, right?"-he said you know him? So ok, you contact him then...

We'll see how it goes...

Joseph - OUT!


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