Monday, September 7, 2009

Time of My Life! (sort of) LOL!

7th September 2009 - Best day of my life so far! Haha...

Went hiking at Youth Park with 2 lengluis and a drag queen. The lengluis are Sher Lyn and Sin Wah and the drag queen is Kia. LOL! We hike while gossip. Er...not gossip, its sharing. LOL! Hold on, for those who don't know, the 3 of them are my seniors in Han Chiang College. The 2 lengluis are doing PR & Advertising while the drag queen is doing Journalism. After that we went for breakfast at Pulau Tikus market. We laughed ALOT from hiking till breakfast. Even while eating. There was Sin Wah 'naturally' acting cute and Sher Lyn's 'nonsense' and hair flipping scene. Then there's Kia TRYING to act cute. Hahaha...

Reached home at 11am. Listen to Kate Voegele then nap for awhile. Then, went to hang out at Gurney Plaza with Kia and Amanda. Lunched at SegaFredo. Chat and potpet there. After that, we walk around for awhile till dinner time and head to Mizi's Bistro at New World Park for dinner. Then, kaypo there again. Chit chat till 8pm and here I am posting this. Haha!

Thanks alot GIRLS for today! I had fun!

Joseph - OUT!


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