Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinner at Jenson & Company's!

Class started at 8am today with Human Communication class with Mr. Aaron. He lectured about Verbal Communication and the usage of language today. I enjoyed the class and understood the topic really well. Haha. After that-Microeconomic Horror!!! Boring but have to try to understand. I don't understand a single thing in Microeconomic class.

Vion and the rest went to Little Cottage for lunch. I didn't join. Haha! Broke already...
Nelson dropped me home 'cause his grandmother's place is just about 100m from my house. He usually goes there for lunch in between class break. Had my lunch at home.

Sang along to Hush Hush and Angel till I feel asleep then at 1.30pm Nelson smsed me "How are you? Wanna go college now?" LOL! What a cute way to sms. Hahahaha...

2pm was our Human Communication Tutorial session. Got to learn in detail about Language usage. Great! Class ended at 3.30pm

Went to the canteen to meet up with Kia and pass him some stuff and he passed me some stuff also. Invite him to tag along for a simple dinner at Jenson's place.

And I'm now updating my blog in Jenson's place. Hahaha...

Joseph - OUT!


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