Monday, September 28, 2009


Time sure flies by fast...
It's already September and October is coming soon. I'm already in my second part of my first semester. It might sound short but ALOT has happened in this 3months.

New friends were made, some were upgraded to close friends, some that I didn't think I could be friends with became one of my closest friends and some friends were discarded...
A particular btich dropped out, someone who was once sorta 'close' with me turned out to be someone who's fake. Some that I thought I could get along turn out to be people that I can't stand after seeing their true color...Some that I thought I can become close with and we did but the person is starting to be too 'pampered' by my friendship.

I try to be nice but sometimes people take advantage of it. I try to help my friends as much as I can but sometimes they think they deserve my help. The June 2009 intake sure has alot of drama. At least the drama queen is gone.

And now, I like the bunch of friends that I have. Hopefully nothing will change. If change is coming, let it be for the best.

This semester covers Human Communication, Visual Communication and (UGH!) Microeconomics. I enjoy Human and Visual Communication. I'll just leave Microeconomics comment.

I am somehow attracted to Visual Communication. I guess its because of the artsy stuffs. A particular 'friend' doubt my artwork everytime in Visual Communication's tutorial class. That 'friend' is also turning out to be annoying when he disturbs others' presentation and generally the whole class with his lame jokes. My bad, not jokes. More like bad teasing. It gets offending sometimes.

Hey, I may appear bitchy but this is who I am. You either take me for who I am or buzz off.

They say karma is a bitch and Blair Waldorf is certainly one? Well, they have yet meet me...

Joseph - OUT!


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