Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009

First of all, Happy Birthday to Annie and Sher Lyn!!!

Ok, back to me. Oh gosh, stupid Microeconomic. Start the day with this stupid class. Yaya, have to get it in my head but I can't. Don't understand a damn thing. Luckily got Vion, Annie & Jenson who understand Micro a 'lil bit here and there. I can do the subjective questions but the graphs...go to hell!

Micro ended at 11.30am. Chatted with Kia for awhile. Then we had our lunch in canteen. Supposed to meet up with Kia for some 'story' telling session. Mana tau, he AEROPLANE me again! Aeroplane King is back. He's been missing for awhile and now he's back. Zzz...

Thank god at 3pm got Visual Communication class. Love the subject and the class. Today's topic was about Illustration and the use of it. After class ended, I asked Ms. Ng if I can join the other group's tutorial class. Haha, she asked me, 'You really like Visual, huh?' Of course! Visual is art and art is fun!!!

Anyways, got some characters in mind for tomorrow's Visual assignment which is draw a cartoon character. Of course I'm gonna do anime character not cartoon character...

Joseph - OUT!


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