Friday, March 12, 2010

I Left My Hand & My Heart On The Dancefloor!

Lady Gaga has released her Telephone music video. Telephone is a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Beyonce, creating Fierce fame! The music video has been one of the most anticipated ones. The collaboration started with Beyonce inviting Lady Gaga to sing on Beyonce's Video Phone and Lady Gaga recipirated by inviting Beyonce to sing on Telephone.

The music video started off like a lesbian porn in an all-women jail with Gaga naked but her tits were covered with black duck tape. Then you see her in a shade that'sdecorated with cigarettes thats is still burning. After awhile, she gets bailed out by Beyonce and starts to go on a boyfriend killing spree. Beyonce pours poison into her boyfriend's drink while Gaga prepares a lovely poisonous lunch to kill everyone in the Diner. Talk about revenge on love. The best part of the music video would be the post-boyfriend killing part where Gaga and Beyonce dance to the song. Thats my favourite part...

Joseph - Gaga Still ROCKS!


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