Tuesday, March 9, 2010

People - Personality = Zombie

There's 2 type on people in this world. WiTH or WiTHOUT personality. People with personality will always be the target of envy among people without personality. There's different type of personality. You can be loud, bitchy, mean, emo, chirpy or even suicidal. At least you have a personality. What happens to those who have NO personality whatsoever? They will leech on people with personality! The get close to people with personality and absorb the personality of the person and they try to be that person. If that person is bitchy, they try to bitchy. Usually people who leech on the bitchy personality ends up being rude instead of bitchy. There's a thin line between bitchiness and rudeness. If someone with original bitchiness argues with some who's equal, they know what to do and when to stop. But when a fake bitch goes against the person with the original bitchiness, the FAKE bitch won't know what to do. So all the one with fake personality does is...move on to next target and absorb another form of personality. Be it emo or anti-social.

Joseph - Find YOUR OWN Personality!


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