Tuesday, March 16, 2010


13th & 14th of March was my college's Open Day. I as one of the Vice President of the Mass Comm Society helped at the event. In fact, most of the committee members helped out. This year's Open Day was a little bit more quiet compare to last year's. I helped out in between here and there but mainly was in-charge of the Campus Radio with my DJ-Mates, Anne & Eena. I think we did a great job for first timers. Well, even our advisor Mr. Lee Chun-Yih said that we did a good job and the 'misunderstood' Mr. Kelsen Loh said I was not bad for first time. Great! Kinda ignite the flame in me to take up Broadcasting. I've always wanted to be a Radio DJ but still torn in between Broadcasting or Journalism. The local broadcast scene isn't that easy.

Anyways, the funny thing was...friends could tell that I was in-charge of the Campus Radio based on the songs played. Haha. Typical Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and Ke$ha. The 3 of us were in the English side where else my other coursemate was in the Mandarin side. It was a great experience and exposure. The day worked out fine for me.

Oh ya, as usual when there's me...there's a camera around and we took ALOT of pictures during Open Day. Well, mostly of us cam-whoring. LOL! I even got the 'chance of a life time' to take a photo with Mr. Kelsen Loh. Suet Ling and Siew Hui were saying he'd be too much of a snob to take picture with me. Turns out, he was happy to. Haha...

Joseph - Haha!


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