Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stop Callin', Stop Callin'!

It starts with Lady Gaga being sent to an all women prison. And because she's Lady Gaga, even her prison suit is different than others. She's clad in a high shoulder dress with horizontal black and white stripes. Being escort with two heavily buffed women prison guard, she was stripped off her clothes and shoved into the cell. The censored part was censored with duck tape. Next we see Lady Gaga is the open area with other prison inmates. This has got to be Gaga's weirdest and out of this world accessory, a pair of sunglasses decorated with cigarettes. And the cigarettes were lit! After a very sensual scene, Lady Gaga receives a call from Beyonce. Here's where the first part of the song starts. You'll see Lady Gaga dancing in her undergarments at the prison hallway. Next we see Beyonce bailing Lady Gaga out of the prison and here comes the very disturbing scene. Beyonce telling Lady Gaga that she's been a bad girl, a very very bad bad girl! Then Gaga takes a bite from Beyonce's bun and they drove off. Conversation starts about killing boyfriend with Beyonce saying, "you know Gaga, trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it's broken". Gaga replies back, "but you can still see the crack in that mother ******'s reflection". Then Beyonce sings her part. They reach a Diner and Beyonce pours poison into her boyfriend's drink while Gaga prepares food that's tainted with POiSON. There's even a short session called Let's Make a Sandwich?with main ingredient, POiSON. Man, do these women hate men or what? Food is served and everyone dies from the poisoned food. Then you see Lady Gaga and Beyonce clad in two piece clothing with the American flag motive.
Gaga: We did it, Honey Bee! Now let's go far far away from here.
Beyonce: You promise we'll never come back?
Gaga: I promise?


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