Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which Are You?

Its THE time! The time to choose our major. I was torn in between the 3 majors. Broadcasting, Journalism or Public Relations & Advertising. I'll do fine in all 3 majors but I would prefer one that would get me jobs easier. I like Broadcasting cuz there's all the work with the media such as camera, TV and stuffs. I'm alright with PR & Advertising just that there's much more theory and paperwork compare to the others. Then there's Journalism, a field which I have never seen myself dabble into. I did not pay any attention at all to this major till a senior grab my attention with it. Started to think, Hey I can work in magazines etc.

Unfortunately, I'm the only one in my batch who will be taking Journalism in English. The other 3 are doing Journalism in Mandarin. Not much people are interested in Journalism because it involves writing. ALOT of writing to them. Haha...I'm ok with it...for those who read my blog you will know that I can crap just about anything.

Here's something that's bugging me. There's a loser who's like SO GREEDY! Loser want all majors. Loser is such show-off that he go round asking if they do Broadcasting, will he be able to do PR & Advertising papers as electives. OMG! Such losers...pick a major and settle with it! The latest now is that this loser wants to do Journalism in English but there are people that he can't click with so he won't do it. Laughing stock! In every major, there's people that don't like him. Don't he know that already??? And he seriously think he can do well in Journalism? CONFiRM FAiL! You don't have your mind fixed on 1 particualr major and you think you can do well in it? Journalism isn't for everyone. And when you don't have social skills and nobody likes you, thats BYE-BYE to your social life and in Mass Communication, you need social life.



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