Thursday, March 18, 2010


After dinner and chill out, we head to UPR (Upper Penang Road). Its ladies night but we went to Boom Boom Chambre. Not MOiS. Haha! Gay bar but sadly, not much gays there. There was even a straight couple who came to watch the Drag Queen show for their anniversary. The environment was alright, the music sucks but the Drag Queen show ROCKS! Haha, its like the Malaysia's version of Kumar Drag Queen. They have Freda Drag Queen performing standup comedy and also lip-syncing and dancing with very very "out-of the box" moves. The drag queen danced to Superwoman and I Will Survive but totally ruined the meaning of the song, haha! It was superbly entertaining. Pity no gay guys there. Should go on Fridays or Saturdays, there's more. Hehe...

After Boom Boom Chambre, we head to Zenzi Bar which was next door only. Dwayne joined us. We sat there, chat, drink and sing a little bit. Got to do Evanescence's Bring Me To Life! Woohoo! Oh ya, I didn't get drunk =P

I was SOBER the whole night through!

Joseph - Boom Boom...BOOM!


Anonymous said...

not as good as the old boom boom room,freda drag queen still with the old jokes..what a well as the show,not entertain really,trincy should come out with fresh idea....

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